Phuket is the place to be: Despite being low season property in Phuket is still being snapped up.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island that continues to retains its status as the place to own a place in the sun. Drawing people in due to its beaches and its incredibly well connected airport, the range of property across the island caters for a host of budgets and tastes.

In July of this year, Royal Phuket Marina launched news about its development. Labelled the Master Plan, the 200 rai Royal Phuket Marina includes hotels and resorts, beach club, convention centre plus a family resort based around a water park. This freehold condominium has caused some stir in the market and transactions have occurred even in what is traditionally Phuket‘s low season, a time when interest in properties is typically low.

Michael Ayling, managing director at Royal Phuket Marina, commented, “Following our recent Master Plan announcement, interest in the freehold Aquaminiums and Marina Apartments has sky rocketed. This real estate is prime location on the waterfront overlooking the award-winning marina and with the planned future facilities and resorts, the value of this real estate is set to increase significantly. It is this value increase, especially when compared to other Phuket properties, that has delivered three recent re-sales and the strong pipeline of interest”.

Source: Thailand-Property