Perfect Lifestyle of the Future

Urban migration continues to grow, creating the hottest housing trend going forward. As a new vibrancy arrives in cities, a revolution is taking place in neighbourhoods all across Bangkok.

Growth of these urban communities brings higher density downtown areas, more diversity of residents, more dynamism and more socially interconnected people. Not to mention more environmentally conscious architecture and conservation-style renovations.

As 2018 unfolds some of the hottest trends urban living include:

Sustainability: Urban living always focuses on sustainability because it is key to long-lasting communities. Urban development therefore relies on green building materials, natural landscaping, green space, and clean products.

Walkability: Walking, biking, and mass transit transportation are recognised as being key to modern urban living. So walkability to a mass transit station is a major factor for urban residents in choosing where they want to live.

Public spaces: Besides privacy, public spaces to share and connectivity are essential requirements of urban living: they promote the dynamic, innovative, and collaborative environment modern people seek.

Beautiful Design: Unique designs characterise both interiors and exteriors, ranging from building façades to layout and functionality.

These trends are manifest in many urban development projects nowadays and will remain so long into the future. Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange Condominium, for instance, typifies outstanding urban communities boasting all the essential elements for ideal urban living.


Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange – Connect All Your Lifestyle

Conceptualised as “The Connected Life” Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange condominium is a smart urban residence that makes every aspect of life easier and more enjoyable.


Located adjacent to MRT Taopoon Interchange Station, Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange is perfectly poised to access MRT Purple and Blue mass transit lines. This gives the condominium’s residents access to all the key facilities of the city, from government offices to schools and colleges, and from shopping malls to lifestyle and entertainment hubs. Note that the Blue Line is conceived as the connector of all MRT lines, akin to the Yamanote rapid train line in Japan.

Meanwhile, the area’s strategic importance to urban development in Bangkok is confirmed by government-initiated mega projects, from Bang Sue Grand Station to the new national parliament.

30 Stories of Real Lifestyle Facilities

Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange residents enjoy complete privacy and the soothing beauty of nature. Recreational pursuits are available anytime with generous public space reserved for the purpose on all 30 floors of the building. There are communal spaces for co-working and meeting and there’s a mini-theatre, sky lounge, Kid’s Club, yoga room, and many more special places set aside for residents.

Meanwhile, 24/7 security systems ensures complete safety and peace of mind.



Space is smartly designed so that every square inch is functional in line with the “Geo Fit+” philosophy. Passed down for hundreds of years, Geo Fit+ is the core value of Hankyu Realty, a leading Japanese real estate developer that is a partner in the project. Inspired by this philosophy, design innovations have been incorporated in the project to suit modern functional needs while exuding a homey ambiance touched by modernity.

Going green

Because it aims to create a sustainable urban community, Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange is being created in collaboration with Sena Solar Energy, one of the leading clean-energy companies in Thailand, and includes solar roof technology that  generates clean energy.  This helps reduce the common fees charge to residents. Waste and water management is equally environmentally-friendly.

Niche Pride Taopoon Interchange comprises 742 one- and two-bedroom units. Sizes range 28-49 sq m. Pre-sale prices start from 3.2 million baht.

Source : Bangkokpost