The Ministry of Transport has confirmed that revision on the feasibility study on the Bangkok – Chiang Mai High Speed Train route is going to start very soon.

The revision process would take approximately 3 months in total but at the same time the Japanese-appointed entity is going to take on another separate full feasibility report.

It is expected that all the plans would be concluded by mid-2016 and introduced to the Cabinet. If the Cabinet approved the presented plans, then the construction might begin early 2017.

The project would be divided into two phases, the “Bangkok – Pisanulok” and “Pisanulok – Chiang Mai”. The Ministry of Transport said that the Japanese team would start surveying the routes this July.

The deputy minister of Transport mentioned that he preferred the project to be jointly invested by both the Japanese and the Thai government but then everything must wait until the feasibility studies are complete.

Source: Prachachat

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