New Masterplan for Public Housing and Din Daeng Flat


The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MoSDHS) announces it is planning to redevelop “Baan Ueh Aa Thorn” low-rise public housing into “Baan Yung Yuen” high-rise public housing all over the country, starting with the highly disputed Din Daeng Flat.

With this change in plan, it is expected that more low-income families would be able to afford housing with the average unit price of lower than 500,000 Thai Baht with a number of low interest mortgage options available.

The National Housing Authority mentions the new masterplan for Din Daeng Flat is now complete and it would take approximately eight years for the entire project to be completely built up. Newer buildings would be 25-35 story tall with no commercial space put into the mix.

According to the plan, new buildings would have to be built first before the authority slowly reallocating occupants of the older low-rise buildings in order to minimise societal impact before knocking them down to make way for more taller buildings.

For existing occupants in the Din Daeng Flat, the rent will now be 1,000 Baht per month per room from the current rent of 300 Baht per month.


Source: Prachachat (13 Jul 2015)